Cloud-based services provide your business with new opportunities to grow, and Staffinggates is an industry leader in designing the solutions you want, with the flexibility, scalability and security you need – and offering you a clear advantage in the mobile-driven business environment of the future.

The Staffinggates team of international IT design experts works in collaboration with our clients to create cloud-based solutions that work for you. Whether you need software-as-a-service to complement your cloud data server, or you’re looking to leverage big data analytics with Hadoop or Cassandra infrastructure, Staffinggates provides precisely what you want, on time and with the ongoing support you need – including executive and staff training designed to make your system integration smooth.

Above all else, Staffinggates professionals are committed to the security of your customers and clients, and the protection of your internal data and structures, particularly with e-commerce products relying on Hybris and other design systems. With cloud-based solutions from Staffinggates, you are assured of the highest possible return on your investment as you reach new markets and revenue benchmarks – without ever compromising on the privacy, safety and optimal functionality of your cloud systems.